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Phase One is London's only 3-day micro-incubator event, where aspiring founders go from idea to pitch in a single weekend.

Kickstart your Startup: 10 - 12 May 2024

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What is Phase One's Launch Weekend?

Over a single weekend, 80+ aspiring founders will form teams around their ideas, validate their assumptions, build an MVP, and pitch back to a panel of leading judges to kickstart their startups.

We help future founders, launch a startup fast and bring in world-class mentors and judges, to help them do this.

Exited founders, investors and experts will guide teams along their journey from idea to pitch in just 3 days.

After the weekend, we provide teams with access to mentoring, accelerator programmes, and credits to support them toward raising their first funding round and finding product market fit.

Teams from past events are already in conversation with accelerators, angels, and VCs across the UK.

Launch your own startup this May!

"absolutely amazing experience"
Tickets & Benefits

Every ticket includes access to all sessions, mentorship, meals, and the full 3-day startup experience.

Tickets: £125


✅ The chance to join Antler's next cohort.

✅ Access to the Nvidia Inception Programme, which includes 10 access codes, free credits and startup support.

✅ Notion Credits: 6 months FREE Notion Plus with unlimited AI

✅ GitHub Credits: 20 FREE seats of GitHub Enterprise for 1 year

✅ Hubspot Credits: Up to 90% off your first year with Hubspot

✅ Free access to Dolphin AI's user feedback copilot

✅ Learn how to bring a business idea from concept to life

✅ Win free mentorship from top VCs & Tech Leaders

✅ Meet your potential co-founder/s

✅ Collaborate with participants from across the UK & Europe
✅ Access to an all-star lineup of mentors (see below)

✅ Pitch to a world-class panel of judges (see below)

✅ Workshops on critical startup skills including: Customer Discovery Workshop and Pitching Format

3 days of innovation

Huckletree Shoreditch, Alphabeta Building, 18 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AH

10-12 May 2024.
Friday 5pm - Sunday 9pm

Friday, 10th May 2024
Forming Teams
5pm - 5:30pm
Food & Networking
5:30pm - 6pm
Official Welcome & Ice Breaker
6pm - 7pm
Participants Share Ideas
7pm - 7:30pm
Food & Networking - Discuss Ideas
7:30pm - 8pm
Voting top ideas & Teams Formation
8pm onwards
Teams starting to work
Teams Registration Deadline
Saturday, 11th May 2024
Building Solutions
10am - 10:30am
Official Welcome Day 2
10:30am - 12:30pm
Startup Work
Snacks 🍫!
12:30pm - 1:15pm
Customer Discovery Workshop (Optional)
1:15pm - 2pm
2pm - 7pm
Startup Work
7pm - 7:30pm
Teams Check In - Knowledge Sharing
8pm - 11pm
Startup Work continues
Sunday, 12th May 2024
Final Pitching
10am - 10:45am
Official Welcome Day 3 & Pitching Format Workshop
10:45am - 1pm
Startup Work
Mock Pitches & Startup Work
Deadline Pitch Deck Submission
4:30pm - 7pm
Final Pitches, Judging & Prizes
7pm - 9pm
Pizzas & Drinks

Jack Battersby - Growth Diversity VC, Fair HQ


Ilai Szpiezak -
3x Founder Dolphin AI, Post Accelerator Network, HARKALIVE


Lev Perlman -
Founder & CTO Metamindz 🇬🇧


Tom Noble -
Zero to One Mohara, Co-Founder Post Accelerator Network

Emily Theodore profile

Emily Theodore -
Graphic Designer, Branding Expert

Naomi Finkelstein profile

Naomi Finkelstein - Programme & Operations Lead

Diana Matei profile

Diana Eugenia Matei - Senior Product Manager Clear Score

Ian Mackinnon profile

Ian Mackinnon - Gemini TPM Google, DeepTech Founder and Mentor

Min Bhogaita Profile

Min Bhogaita - Managing Director Nobody Studios

Eli Rezinsky photo

Eli Rezinsky - Co-Founder & COO Unlock

Ralitsa Ivanova Photo

Ralitsa Ivanova - Founder Appolica & Tribie, Angel Investor

Martin Markov Photo

Martin Markov - CEO and Founder of Appolica, Angel Investor


Oli Guei - Senior developer and data engineer

Nicolai Thomson profile

Nicolai Thomson - CEO & Co-Founder Jenesys AI


Bill Amis - Founder Off The Court, Venture Development Hyper


Wojtek Buczynski - AI Consultant and Author


Olga Venosa - Founder We Are Stronger Charity, Founder OlvEvolve Advisory

Ben Legg profile

Ben Legg - CEO & Co-Founder The Portfolio Collective


Lili Kostadinova - Data & AI Solutions Consultant Cloud Office


Nikolay Gelovski - Head Google Cloud Sales, London Office Cloud Office


Stella Penso - Advisor, Angel, Mentor & NED. Ex Free Now, Skyscanner, Turkcell, Vodafone


John Spindler - General Partner Twin Path Ventures

What is Phase One?

Phase One is London's only 3-day micro-incubator event, where aspiring founders go from idea to pitch in a single weekend.

Who should attend Launch Weekend?

Launch Weekend is perfect for anyone who wants to launch a startup, work on an idea they have or join someone else's idea and help make it a reality.

What's included in the ticket price?

Tickets includes access to all 3-days of Launch Weekend, 5x catered meals, access to all of our mentors and workshops, and the chance to win all of the prizes and benefits listed on this page!

Does Phase One take any equity in my startup idea?

Phase One doesn't take equity in any startup at the event. Signing up for the event to does not grant Phase One any right to equity in your startup.

Do I need to be able to code to come?

No! Everyone is welcome!

Our participants are a mix of technical and non-technical people, and there is no requirement that you need to code to attend the event.

Do I need an idea to join?

We expect 25-50% of our attendees to bring an idea, and you'll be asked if you have an idea when you register for the event.

Since half of our attendees won't bring an idea, there is no need to have an idea to attend the event.

What happens to any IP created at the event?

Neither Phase One, our partners/sponsors, or our mentors/judges have any claim to the IP you create at the event.

We will not be able to offer you specific legal counsel at the event, and if IP is a concern to you then we encourage you to seek external counsel outside of the event.

Remember, startups are won and lost on execution, not ideas! Don't let fears about IP deter you from attending.

What happens after the event?

After the event you'll be part of the Phase One community, and you'll be invited to all of our future events, unless you opt-out.

We partner with incredible mentors and companies at each of our Launch Weekends to support you after the event, and winning teams will be introduced to the right people to access the prizes described on the 'Tickets & Benefits' section of this site.